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Justuse advocates technology leading the market, create favorable conditions for subsequent manufacturing by  preparation work of technology.

Experienced CAE team focus on preliminary optimization , solving the problem of warpage,cooling efficiency. Help customers have a more perfect product design, reducing the time of try-out, shortting the tooling manufacturing cycle, reducing production cost.

Experienced R&D team win customer's trust and numerous technical patent and awards.

Justuse establish standards and customization standard for design,program&process and QC.

Major R & D personnel have been developing projects and rewards:

1996, the development of gas-assisted injection moulding, CRT TV front cover mould;

In 2006, Research and development RHCM injection moulding technology for high-gloss products, and won the national scientific and technological progress second prize;

Shandong Province Science and Technology Progress Award;

In 2009, the successful development of large-scale double injection TV front cover mould;

In 2010, the successful development of double injection and double-material injection mould projects;

In 2012, the successful development of the use of

 ICM technology for ultra-thick transparent products;

2011 -2017, a total of 20 patent applications.

Currently, the main techniques includes:

     1. High gloss mold. Include steam mold, electric heating mold and water heating mold and so on.

     2. Double injection mold. The double color technology in the large TV and monitor mold;

     3. The two materials injection mold;

     4. IMD ,ICM technology;

     5. The large stack mold.

The New Trend of Technology Research

1. Chemical Foaming Mould

The chemical foaming method is to use chemical method to produce gas to make the foam, heat the chemical foaming agent in the plastic decomposition and releases foaming, also can use the reaction of the plastic componets to releasing foaming. The chemical foaming applicat less domestic,is the research significance and advanced moulding technology, the manufactures who master the technology is little, belong to high-end mould high added value,  has a great potential for development.

2. After the Injection Compression Mould

The biggest advantage of this injection compression moulding is precision high, stresses small, contraction close to equal, so is particularly suited to require highly transparent and deformation of large area optical plastics moulding.

The products of after the injection mould products are usually used in air window, submarine window, very few manufactures research this kind of mould, we available the thickness between 8 and 25mm transparent products currently, the performance test has been largely through, fill the domestic blank.